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Tips for Mastering the Curves part 2

  • What are some recommended techniques used to achieve the best shave for a strong jawline?

    Many times, I see men wearing the wrong beard style for their particular face shape and jawline. For some men, wearing their beard too low on the jawline puts more emphasis on their round face. Conversely, many men who wear full beards can mask their strong jawline. Finding the appropriate length and style of the beard is important. My favorite tools for the job are the new Lexington Collection™ Razor, and the Disposable Blade Straight Razor, or “shavette”. These tools help create square, straight lines which emphasize the jawline.

  • How do you reduce irritation around the jawline and chin?

    I am a firm believer in “prepare versus repair”. By taking more time to prepare the skin, you can reduce potential skin irritation. I follow the standard skin preparation regimen of using hot towels, Pre-Shave Oil, and Shaving Cream. I begin shaving by moving my razor in the same direction as the hair growth. After my first pass, I lather up again and use the Lexington Collection™ Razor across or against the grain for a closer shave. When finished, I like to cool the skin down as quickly as possible by using cold towels. Finally, I apply alcohol-free After-Shave Balm to help moisturize the skin.

  • How far down the jawline should a beard be shaved?

    Although there are no limits on how far down to shave the jawline, there are best practice recommendations based on facial structure and personal preference. Any beard width can be maintained, especially when using a high-quality razor.

  • What are some tips for keeping the beard look clean and fresh for summer?

    I recommend that clients always schedule an appointment with their barber at The Art of Shaving in order to establish their beard line. To maintain that line, I highly recommend clients use the Lexington Collection™ Razor. This particular razor can help clients achieve a close, professional shave each time.

  • Do you have any other finishing tips for shaving the jawline?

    It’s critical that after a close shave, clients maintain skin moisture. A great way to replenish moisture is to utilize The Art of Shaving After-Shave Balm or Lotion.

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