We asked Edwin, our Master Barber from the Disney Springs store, to give us his best tips for beating the summer heat.

Summer is officially underway. Are there any products you recommend for the season?

Yes, three come to mind. Our Peppermint Facial Wash, Rosemary Conditioner and any Braun Series Trimmer.

Why are they good fits for summer?

Washing your face daily with our Peppermint Facial Wash helps remove dirt and debris that build up in the hotter months when you’re outside getting sweaty. It also prepares the skin for shaving.

Next, our Rosemary Conditioner can be used to condition your hair and beard hair, keeping your scalp and hair moisturized. This will give your hair a shinier look and feel instead of looking dry, dull or brittle from the increased heat. And here’s a tip for swimmers: apply some conditioner to your hair or beard hair before getting in the water. It will help keep your hair protected.

Finally, keeping body hair clipped and trimmed is especially important in the summer. It’s hot outside so keeping your body hair trimmed and groomed will help you stay comfortable during the hot weather. Our Braun Series Trimmers are the perfect tool to get this done.

Master Barber Edwin

Master Barber: Edwin

Store: Mall of America, Bloomington, MN

Experience: 25 years as a barber