What Is an After-shave Balm and Why Do You Need It?

What Is an After-shave Balm and Why Do You Need It? 

Replenishes Moisture to Soothe Dry Skin After Shaving 

The shaving experience doesn’t end when the shaving brush is cleaned off or the razor is put away. 
Pampering your skin is an essential part of a regular skin care routine, and after-shave balm can be a soothing way to keep your skin looking fresh and feeling great. After-shave balm is an essential part in achieving The Perfect Shave as a final step in The 4 Elements of the Perfect Shave®.  
Learn how after-shave balm differs from other skin-soothing products and how some of our most loved balms can up your shaving game. 

Benefits of After-Shave Balm 

After-shave balm differs from aftershave in that it doesn’t typically contain alcohol, which could irritate or sting when applied. Instead, after-shave balm is meant to both hydrate and refresh the skin after shaving is complete.  
Other great benefits of after-shave balm include that it:  
• Is effective at all-day moisturizing 
• Replenishes moisture to soothe dry skin 
• Restores skin elasticity 
• Provides a protective moisture barrier for skin 
• Reduces signs of aging by hydrated skin 
If you tend to have sensitive skin or irritation after shaving, you’ll appreciate the moisturizing and hydrating ingredients in after-shave balm. The immediate relief of after-shave balm can help soothe and heal the skin. 
If you have other skin issues, after-shave balm may help them, too. For instance, sunburns can cause skin irritation, so having an after-shave balm on hand that can help improve the appearance and feel of skin quickly is useful after a day in the sun.  

When to Use After-Shave Balm 

It is important to add after-shave balm to your skin care routine so that you have less irritation and better skin overall. Here are steps to follow to use after-shave balm:  
Step 1: Rinse your face with cold water once you have finished shaving.  
Step 2: While your face is damp, gently massage the after-shave balm into your skin.  
Step 3: After your skin has fully absorbed the balm, follow up with some moisturizer or, if you don’t have any on hand, use a small amount of balm to supplement your routine. 

Bestselling After-Shave Balm from The Art of Shaving 

Take a look at some of our highest-rated after-shave balms to find what works for you.  

Bourbon After-Shave Balm 

The Bourbon After-Shave Balm is made with shea butter, grape seed extract, jojoba oil, and other soothing ingredients and includes our bourbon amber aroma and herbal undertones for an enjoyable scent.  

Bergamot Neroli After-Shave Balm 

Enjoy the beach and other citrus scents? The Bergamot Neroli After-Shave Balm includes notes of bitter orange tree blossom to remind you of the energy and warmth of the beaches that flank the Mediterranean Sea.  

Coriander Cardamom After-Shave Balm 

With classic spices and subtle notes of lavender, basil, blackcurrant and sage, the Coriander Cardamom After-Shave Balm has become a fan favorite not only for the scent, but also for its ability to soften skin.  

Eucalyptus After-Shave Balm 

With high-quality botanical ingredients and pure essential oils and extracts, the Eucalyptus After-Shave Balm provides relief and a strong, sweet scent.  
Ready to explore which after-shave balm is right for you? Check out The Art of Shaving’s high-quality after-shave balms to enhance your skin care routine.

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