What Is an After-shave Balm and Why Do You Need It?


Replenishes Moisture to Soothe Dry Skin After Shaving 

Applying our 2-in-1 After-Shave Balm & Daily Moisturizer is the final step in The Art of Shaving's trademarked 4 Elements of the Perfect Shave™, because even the most careful shave is hard on the skin. Our After-Shave Balms are crafted with Shea Butter, Grape Seed Extract, Irish Moss and Jojoba Oil to revitalize skin and restore elasticity. They act as effective all-day moisturizes, providing up to 8 hours of hydration and helping to reduce signs of aging.

Watch the video below for tips and tricks on how to properly apply our After-Shave Balm from John Rivera, one of our very own Master Barbers.

Benefits of After-Shave Balm 

It's important to add After-Shave Balm to your skincare routine so that you have less irritation and healthier skin overall. Our After-Shave Balms differ from typical aftershaves in that they are formulated without alcohol, which dries the skin out and can sting when applied. Our After-Shave Balms have all been clinically and dermatologically tested for sensitive skin to provide easily-absorbed moisture without leaving behind a greasy residue.

Other great benefits of our After-Shave Balms include that they:

• Act as effective all-day moisturizers, providing up to 8 hours of lasting hydration
• Help reduce the appearance of aging
• Restore skin elasticity for healthier looking skin
• Are clinically and dermatologically tested for sensitive skin
• Are non-comedogenic, so they won't clog your pores

Bestselling After-Shave Balms from The Art of Shaving

Take a look at some of our highest-rated After-Shave Balms to find what works for you.

Bourbon After-Shave Balm 

Made with pure Sweet Almond essential oil sourced from California's Sacramento and San Joaquin Valleys, our Bourbon After-Shave Balm is inspired by the rich, woody base and warm, vanilla heart notes of cask-aged bourbon for an aroma that recalls the grand heritage of a traditional barber's lounge.

Bergamot & Neroli After-Shave Balm

Inspired by the energy and warmth of the Mediterranean, our Bergamot & Neroli After-Shave Balm contains Bergamot essential oil sourced from Italy and Neroli essential oil sourced from Egypt to help cleanse acne-prone skin and remove impurities for a more radiant complexion.

Sandalwood After-Shave Balm

Made with Sandalwood essential oil 100% sustainably sourced from Western Australia's Gibson Desert, our Sandalwood After-Shave Balm has become a fan favorite not only for its warm, masculine aroma, but also for its ability to nourish dry skin.

Lavender After-Shave Balm

Crafted with the highest-quality Lavender essential oil sourced from Europe and the USA, our Lavender After-Shave Balm is known to promote relaxation and support calm skin.