Lather Up With A Shaving Brush

Lather Up With A Shaving Brush

For A Clean, Smooth Shave

Utilizing a shaving brush is an essential step in achieving The Perfect Shave®. It generates a rich, warm lather by retaining warm water to help soften the beard hair. 
Learn a bit of history about this must-have shaving tool, the benefits of using a shaving brush, and how to use it in your regular shaving routine.  

The History of Shaving Brushes

Shaving brushes have been in existence for centuries. The design of today’s current brush came about in eighteenth century France. Despite the passing of time, the shaving brush remains classic and instrumental for men’s grooming habits.  
While early shaving brushes often used animal hairs, such as badger, horse, or boar hair, some brushes today use synthetic bristles. Despite these innovations, badger hair remains popular for many reasons such as: 

• May come in different grades, depending on the manufacturer, to meet shavers’ different needs 
• More flexible than boar bristles 
• Historically perform well for wet shavers 
Handle shapes have also evolved over time as well but generally still remain smooth to the touch and easy to hold between your thumb and forefinger.

Benefits of Using a Shaving Brush

You reap many rewards when you begin using a shaving brush. Take a look at what you gain.

Closer, Cleaner Shave

Regularly using a shaving brush to apply shaving cream allows your skin to retain more hydration and your facial hair to become more moisturized in preparation for the shave. When you apply your razor, you’ll have a more precise shave since your skin has been given the proper treatment thanks to using a shaving brush. 

Better Lather in Less Time

While you can use your hands to lather shaving cream, it can get messy and wasteful. A shaving brush lathers your shaving cream better, faster so you maximize what you have without using more than you need. 

Upgrade the Quality of Your Soaps and Creams

There are shaving soaps and creams for every budget, but using a shaving brush to improve your product can make the quality stretch longer. You use less overall because the lather makes the most of your shaving products, bringing the feel of the barbershop right into your bathroom.  

More Enjoyable Shaving Experience

Although your experience shaving cannot be quantified in the way the amount of product you use or time you save can be, the overall experience of shaving can improve once you begin using a shaving brush. Not only will shaving become something you look forward to, but you may find that your technique improves as a result of upgrading your tools.  

How To Use a Shaving Brush

Ready for a close, enjoyable shave? Follow these steps for best results.  

Step 1: Gather your supplies. 

Make sure you have your shaving brush, razor, and shaving cream on hand. A tin, bowl, or cup is also useful to have before you start so that you can work the shaving cream into a lather. Lastly, keep a towel handy for when you finish up and rinse your face.  

Step 2: Wet the shaving brush. 

Use warm running water to start wetting the bristles of your shaving brush. Once they are saturated, shake off excess water to avoid making a mess. 

Step 3: Add shaving cream to your brush. 

You can either add the cream to the tin, bowl, or cup and dip the bristles into the cream or apply a small amount of the cream directly to the brush bristles. A lot goes a long way, so be sure not to overdo it. 

Step 4: Working the shaving cream into a lather. 

Now that you have shaving cream on your shaving brush, bring it up to your face and begin making circular motions to work the cream into a lather. If the cream doesn’t work the way you want, simply add more water to the brush for the full effect.  

Step 5: Begin shaving. 

With fully moisturized skin, you’re going to have a close shave no matter what razor you use. Feel how smooth your skin is and what a difference it makes using a shaving brush as part of your routine.  

Step 6: Clean your brush. 

Thoroughly wash your cleaning brush, being careful to separate the bristles to remove all of the soap. Once you’ve cleaned it well, squeeze the water out of the bristles and set it back on its stand for the next time to use it.  

Choose High-Quality a Shaving Brush

Create a rich, velvety lather with one of our quality shaving brushes. Check out the Ivory Silvertip Shaving Brush and Black Fine Shaving Brush below, or schedule your personalized shave consultation to find what works best for your grooming goals. 

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