Spring Beard Styles- Your 2021 Guide

Spring Beard Styles You’ll Love

It’s spring 2021, which means it is beard cleaning season. 
Guys who love their beards tend to fall into two camps: the Classic and the Rogue. Which camp do you fall into, and what products can help you maintain a healthy beard?  

Types of Beard Styles for Spring

With the change of seasons, inspiration can strike. From images of celebrities and their beard inspiration to seeing everyday men with a look you want to adopt, there’s no shortage of ways to make your beard work for your personality and style. Take a look at some common beard styles and trends for 2021 you might want to adopt. 

The Classic Beard Style

You know your beard well. You are old friends. You’re tuned into what growth you can support and just what works on your face shape. Maybe you’ve curated this look over time, and it will continue to be your standby. One could say you have a “beard uniform.”  
Guys with this mindset know that they need trusted tools to support their classic style for the long term. 

The Rogue Beard Style

You want to try different styles and push the boundaries of your beard style, and this may mean that you’re constantly playing with the style that reflects your mood or the season. One could say that your facial hair is a conversation piece that you like to vary over time.  
Guys with this mindset may want to experiment with new products in their arsenal to make sure they’re covered when inspiration to trim, groom, shave or shape strikes! 

Shaving Products that Help Spring Beards 

Regardless of which camp you are in, there are some basic tools any beard aficionado needs. 
If you’re “The Classic” or just starting out, here’s a list of standbys that we recommend for beard maintenance: 

For long beards:

• Staying Fresh: To keep your beard looking great, use our Beard Wash & Conditioner Set to keep your beard hair looking healthy.

• Taming and Trimming: As your beard grows, you may want to trim it. Scissors paired with our Sandalwood Beard Comb will help you maintain your look longer. 

• Edging: Sometimes it’s important to do a little more work than just trimming or taming your beard. To help with edging, use a Straight Razor or get our Full Size Shaving Kits to polish your look. 

• Moisture: Keep your beard looking shiny and well cared for by regularly using Beard Oil.

For short or stubble based beards:

• Trimming: If you have a stubble beard, a Beard Trimmer, with multiple settings available to help you choose the length of hair you desire, can help you achieve the short style you want.

• Moisture: Even short beards need hydration, and Stubble Balm helps do just that! 

• Edging:
To achieve the look you want with a short or stubble beard, use a Straight Razor or Full Size Shaving Kits.  

“The Rogue”

And if you’re “The Rogue” and want to try different looks, we’d recommend you invest in a few more products to enable you to play with your style: 

Moustache Wax: Perfect to shape and add moisture to your mustache

Moustache Scissors:
Even short beards need hydration, and Stubble Balm helps do just that! 

Kent Bristle Brush:
Distributes oils from root to tip, smoothing out hair and adding shine along the way

Don’t Quite Know Your Look Yet?

Why not try a shave consultation? Learn to pinpoint the style you desire and what tools work best from The Art of Shaving! 

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