How Do Beard Growing Kits Work?

How Do Beard Growing Kits Work?

Growing a beard can be quite a process if you haven’t attempted it before. There are so many options for beard growing products on the market, from vitamins and oils to conditioners and masks. 

Beard growing kits include helpful products that enhance beard growth. Learn how beard growing kits work and explore our recommendations for great products that can enhance your beard growing kit.

What is a Beard Growing Kit?

A beard growing kit is a set of products that can help make growing a beard easier. As you grow out your beard, you may notice some discomfort because there is often an itchy stage a few weeks into the process. Using a beard growing kit can make it easier.
Beard growing kits often include shampoos, beard oil, and grooming tools like brushes or trimmers to help with your beard growing journey.

Why is it Hard to Grow a Beard?

If you struggle with growing a beard or find it looks patchy, you’re not alone. Many men find that growing a beard can be a slow process and that their beard may not look the way they want right away.

Some factors that may impact your beard growth include:
• Genetics - Your genes play a big role into whether you can grow a full beard. Some men grow a beard slowly or aren’t able to grow a beard at all because of genetics. 

• Hormones - Testosterone and Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) are two hormones that can impact beard growth in different ways. Testosterone primes the hair follicle and impacts beard density, whereas DHT promotes how fast the beard grows.

• Blood flow to the face - Promoting beard growth may mean stimulating blood flow to the hair follicles. If your hair follicles are thin or weak, increasing blood flow is helpful so that the hair follicle grows. Using a brush such as a boar bristle brush can help stimulate hair growth and ultimately your beard. 

How to Use a Beard Growing Kit

If you are growing out a beard, it is important to regularly maintain it for products made for beard hair. The Art of Shaving’s Total Beard Care Kit For Men helps you provide your beard the care and attention it deserves, with products and accessories that are perfect for you. 

The kit comes with several items such as: 

• Beard wash and conditioner, both containing an invigorating peppermint aroma

• Beard brush with horsehair bristles, which when paired with beard balm in the kit allows you to exfoliate your skin and stimulate hair follicles

• Beard oil to smooth hair and provide shine, with a scents of lemon, spruce, and cedar

If your beard care routine needs some work, our Beard Prep Grooming Kit might fit the bill. With peppermint scented beard wash and conditioner, a sandalwood beard oil and travel bag, you can’t go wrong pampering your beard and helping it looks its best.

Beard Growing Kit Accessories

Treat yourself with beard accessories that help you achieve the look and style you desire. 

Give your skin and beard a gentle massage with our Beard Balm Brush. With natural horsehair and a wood base, the brush allows you to gently care for your hair. It’s also suitable for all hair types and allows for the balm and beard oils you apply to cover the hair completely.

Refresh your routine with our Beard and Stubble Kit complete with beard wash, conditioner, and stubble balm to soften hair. With scents like peppermint, jojoba oil, and sandalwood, the kit avoids stripping the beard’s natural oils with a fresh, energizing scent. 

Does the shampoo and conditioner you usually use on your beard dry out your skin and make your beard scratchy? Our Beard Wash And Beard Conditioner Set provides the remedy you need to help soothe your skin and restore your beard hair. 

The wash and conditioner includes an awesome scent you’ll love and conditioning qualities that improve the look of your beard. Use this beard grooming set and others from The Art of Shaving for a more enjoyable beard growing experience.

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