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I’m not going to lie… we are pretty fired up over the GilletteLabs Heated Razor. The results and feel during and after your shave are incredible. The buzz around this razor doesn’t lie. We are hearing words like “best shave ever”, “revolutionary”, and “amazing”. The questions many of you might be asking are, “Why is this such a great razor?” “Why should I change my current shaving routine?” Well, as usual, we are here to help shed light on this new technology just for you! We asked Steph Niezgoda Moss, the Product Innovation Senior Engineer at GilletteLabs, all about the Heated Razor and why you should upgrade your shave.

TAOS: What was the inspiration for the GilletteLabs Heated Razor?

Steph NM: We know from decades of research that the epitome of the shaving experience and a pinnacle for shaving to men is the hot towel shave. We wanted to bring this luxury experience to the everyday shave.

TAOS: Agreed, who doesn’t love a hot towel? No one. The warmth sensation feels great. What was an important factor as you began to develop this technology?

Steph NM: We needed to create reliable technology that delivered a great result consistently, with every shave.

TAOS: Great to know people can expect the same quality shave from the razor with each shave! The GilletteLabs Heated Razor features a warming bar to deliver warmth during the shave. Why did you choose this technology specifically?

Steph NM: It was a complex engineering feat. It was important for us to create the warmth sensation while also delivering our best shave so the cartridge is made with the same blades that are in the Fusion ProShield. Learn More It is also vital for the warming bar to be in contact with the skin at the head of the razor so the heat is going where it needs to go during the entire shave. One key technology here was the flexible connector to the heater. It allows the warming bar to contact skin and deliver the heat while still allowing the head of the razor to pivot. This was critical. We have also made improvements to the efficiency of the heater to ensure the heat stays consistent throughout the shave.

TAOS: Yes, the four intelligent heat sensors that consistently maintain even warmth through each shaving stroke are important in delivering the experience. Why have you decided to release this technology now?

Steph NM: We’ve always wanted to deliver the heat experience to guys during the shave. This was a natural progression to optimize his shave. Our objective is to always seek to innovate in the shaving category. We want to take shaving from a chore to an enjoyable experience and technology has finally caught up to being able to deliver this experience.

TAOS: What can someone expect when using the razor?

Steph NM: While we knew we had something we loved on our hands, we had to convince ourselves this was meaningful innovation. We wanted it to live up to their (customer’s) expectations. That is why we launched in Indiegogo. We received great direct feedback and high engagement of the Heated Razor. The Heated Razor received an average of 4.4 star reviews from initial backers! While we didn’t know what to expect from our backers, their reviews assured us it’s not a gimmick. We heard from several people that they wanted to shave more often than before.

TAOS: Wow. That really says something about the shaving experience here. What were some of the top reviews?

Steph NM: Here are just a few of the reviews we received as part of our early backer survey. I think they speak for themselves!

“A truly revolutionary device!” - Liviu

“Will never go back to a plain razor.” – Brian, MA

“I don't *like* shaving.. It's a chore.. This? This is heaven. This is angels singing when I'm grooming myself.” – Theodore, DE

TAOS: I’d wouldn’t mind angels singing while I shave! Thank you for taking the time to speak about this exciting technology. Sounds like a sure way to heat up your shaving experience and level up your grooming routine.

Find the GilletteLabs Heated Razor and replacement Blades at www.theartofshaving.com and The Art of Shaving retail stores. Supplies may be limited during launch.

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