Secrets of a Master Barber

The Art of Barbering with Jose

We sat down recently with one of our Master Barbers, Jose, who has been with us for 10 years. He talks about his journey and craft. Watch the video to learn Jose’s secrets of barbering.

On the Legacy Behind His Craft:

My biggest inspiration is my daughter. She is into special effects makeup. For the movies. She sees how hard I’ve worked to learn my craft, and it inspires me to see her now starting to learn a craft of her own.

On Mastering An Art:

I think of myself as an artist. I am constantly searching for inspiration, and working to get closer to perfection in my craft. Sometimes people hear that and then they ask me what I do, and they are surprised when I tell them I’m a barber. My art impacts the way I see the world. When I walk around, everything I see is haircuts. I’ll notice a jacket, or a watch, and then I’ll realize It’s actually the haircut that caught me, because it’s the cut that starts the look and makes it all work. People take pride in the way they look, whether they are going on vacation, going to work, meeting someone new... That’s why I take my work very seriously.

On What Makes A Master Barber:

No matter who comes in and sits in the barber chair, being able to do any haircut, hairstyle, and hair type, all while also being able to give them an elevated service is imperative in perfecting your craft. From when I was young, I could remember standing outside the barbershop, and by just looking in at someone’s haircut when the left the chair, I could determine which barber had cut their hair. I didn’t want to get into that robotic style of cutting. Part of the art of haircutting is mixing the old with the new and always being able to adapt. You have to be flexible to any client that sits in your chair. Whether they want a classic look, old-school, or something new and trendy. The best feedback I get is when I’m finished with a cut and their response is: ‘You were right, there’s an art to this.’ That’s what a great haircut can really do, it makes a person look good, but also feel the best about themselves.

On What Barbering and Gardening Have In Common:

Being a master barber is about being a master of your client, no matter who they are. From the moment they walk into the shop, to the moment they leave. Being an artist is about expressing yourself, and taking pride in what you do. I take pride in working at The Art of Shaving because it means that I am practicing my art at the highest level.

On The Secret To The Art:

It’s the smallest details, the ones that you don’t necessarily notice, and how they come together which is so important. And when you are striving for excellence, every aspect of the craft matters. The lines, the shape of the canvas, tools,  your training, the style. Assessing their style, their needs, making them comfortable, taking pride in every step of the process. When they walk out into the world confidently with a cut that I gave them, that’s my product.

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