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Complete the perfect shave with luxury after shave care. Shop our selection of after shave lotions and balms to end your ritual with quality products that replenish and soothe your skin.

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The Art of Shaving tools that will take your shave from novice to master.

The Art of Shaving After-Shave Balm refreshes and hydrates to soothe the skin after shaving. It is also an effective all-day moisturizer, lasting up to 8 hours and helping reduce the signs of aging.

The Perfect Shave

Mastering The Art of Shaving means mastering pre- and post-shave care, the first and final steps of our 4 Elements of the Perfect Shave™. Our Pre-Shave Oils soften your beard and prepare your skin for a close shave, while our After Shave Balms soothe and replenish your just-shaved skin. Both are formulated with a unique blend of botanical ingredients and essential oils for a luxurious experience. When used together, you’ll experience a smoother shave and heightened ritual.

After Shave is the final step in The Four Elements of the Perfect Shave, and an essential part of achieving the perfect shave. Formulated with moisturizers, the highest quality botanical ingredients and pure essential oils and extracts, After-Shave helps replenish moisture to soothe dry skin after shaving.

To use After Shave, after you’ve completed the first three steps in The Four Elements of the Perfect Shave, rub a little After Shave between your hands to warm it. Then apply on your face and neck and massage gently into your skin. Your skin will feel comfortable and look healthy.