Santa Claus Beard: How to Grow and Maintain Long Beard Styles

Santa Claus Beard: How to Grow and Maintain Long Beard Styles 

A treasured cultural icon, so jolly in his cheerful red suit and stylish conical cap, Santa’s crowning glory and most distinguishing feature is surely his enviable, full beard. That’s right, and many a beard enthusiast would agree: Santa Claus is #beardgoals. Snow white curls or not, no matter the shade of our locks, knowing how to rock a snowy mane like Mr. Claus would win us real, or ironic, style points far and wide.  
That’s why we’ve gathered the top 5 tricks and techniques and the top 3 best beard trimmer tools to get you that Santa Claus beard swagger this holiday season.  

How to Grow a Santa Claus Beard 

If you want to grow out a long beard style similar to Santa Claus, check out these steps to growing a Santa Claus beard. 

Step 1: Grow Your Beard.

Start with your best growth effort, cleaned and conditioned for your transformational styling process: Growing out your beard is critical to getting to the "Santa Length" you desire. Starting from a smooth face?  
Have no fear, our stubble balm will hydrate your skin and soften your stubble to ensure that the process of growing out your beard is silky smooth and comfortable.  
Beard wash and conditioner and beard oil are your best friends as you reach new lengths. These products will ensure that you keep your new look-in-progress clean and smelling “fair” while ensuring that your look is tamed and conditioned until you begin to trim your masterpiece. 

Step 2: Maintain Your Look.

Trim to your most flattering length, choosing your tools carefully. Once you’ve reached the length you desire, trimming the Santa beard is the key to a crisp Kriss Kringle look. Once you’ve brushed out your mane with our beard brush, you're ready to start trimming. To ensure that you have the control you need as you apply your best trimming technique, you'll want the right tool for the job. 
If you’re going for a longer look, a pair of mustache scissors may be your best friend, whereas a shorter Santa-crop will need an electric trimmer

Step 3: Edge and Condition Regularly. 

Look modern with the best-kept secret: a well-executed edge for that sharp, clean effect.  
The key to keeping your Santa beard in style is actually more about crisp edging than anything else. A well-edged and -conditioned beard ensures you look more “suited” for the office party than the cave. Learning how to wield a straight razor, while it may take practice and art, will graduate you into a new league of mastery and make your lines and edges compliment-worthy sharp.

Step 4: Let Your Style Shine.

Finish off your style with some bold pizzazz. Mustache wax, a dry oil beard balm, and a wide-toothed comb will keep you on the naughty or nice list (whichever you prefer!) Dare we say it, if you have a long Santa beard, experimenting with the curling iron could be a bit fun. Advanced styling techniques aside, a twirl to the ends of your mustache will put a twinkle in your eye.  
Applying some of the mustache wax to your ‘stache with your fingers and creating the perfect upturned curl can elevate your style and mood. A dry oil beard balm applied to the lengths of your hair will add the right level of conditioning and aroma and a slight sheen to ensure you can stand under the mistletoe with confidence. And keeping a sandalwood wide-toothed beard comb in your pocket (or sack of toys) will make sure your wisps stay tamed. 

Step 5: Spread the Joy! 

Give a thoughtful gift to everyone on your list! The best part of embodying any feature of Mr. Claus is bringing light and joy to the holiday season with a bag full of gifts for everyone on your list. This season, The Art of Shaving has you covered with a scent for everyone on your list and a product for virtually any look or style in our holiday gift guide.  

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