What Type of Beard Style Should You Have?

Assorted beard care products including beard brush and water dish on display in a bathroom.  Assorted beard care products including beard brush and water dish on display in a bathroom.

What Beard Style Is Best For You?

When it comes to facial hair, there are plenty of styles from which to choose. The key is knowing which beard is best for you. There are many factors that should go into that decision: face shape, skin type, hair type, lifestyle, and personal style. Learn why each of these factors is important to consider before choosing a beard style and how to determine the best one for you. Once you’ve determined your look, learn how to achieve the perfect grooming routine at our Beard Academy. Need expert help? Sign up for a shave consultation with an Art of Shaving Concierge

Your face shape

One of the first things you should consider when choosing the best beard style for you is your face shape. The following list is not exhaustive of all beard types, but is a great way to start your search: 

Square: If your forehead, cheekbones and jaw are all around the same width, these styles can help soften your strong features. 

• Circle beard
• Royale beard
• Goatee
• Petite goatee

Round: If you have a round face, these styles can help bring in angles for a sharper, more defined look. 

• Van Dyke beard
• Short boxed beard
• Balbo beard
• Anchor beard

Oval: If you’re donning an oval mug, you can handle almost any style thanks to the balanced proportions of your face. Now, you have to find your favorite. 

• Chevron
• Three-day stubble beard
• Horseshoe mustache
• Full beard

Rectangular: If you’re looking to add balance to a longer face, these styles can help create fuller cheeks and add width to your face.

• Mutton chops
• Gunslinger beard mustache
• Full beard
• Chin strap

Your skin type

Is your skin oily? Sensitive? Dry? It’s important to understand your skin before you don a new facial hair style. For example, frequent shaving can irritate or dry out skin if not done properly. On the other hand, thick beards can often lead to ingrown hairs or trap oils and dirt near the skin causing irritation. Regardless of your style, having a good skin care regimen is vital and quality skin care products should be included in your grooming supplies.

Your hair type

Some men naturally have thick facial hair that grows easily, while other men struggle with thin or patchy hair. It’s no surprise we recommend being realistic in your beard goals. But just because you can’t grow lush mutton chops doesn’t mean you’re out of luck in the facial hair department. Try setting your sights on more attainable styles, like a goatee, anchor beard, chin strip or classic mustache.

Your lifestyle

Determining the best beard for you has a lot to do with your lifestyle. Don’t have the time or patience for frequent maintenance? Then you probably should steer clear of more time-consuming styles that require a lot of upkeep (like shaped mustaches) or precise styling (like box beards and chin straps). Or, consider dedicating more time to your grooming routine to adopt a more high-maintenance style that reflects the care you put into your look. Who knows? You might find your new signature look.

Introducing Beard Academy

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